Enterprise Quality Policy:
Make the Modern management as the guarantee, Produce zero defects products and constantly meet the increasing of the curse Efforts to become the national steel structure of the industry's most competitive enterprise.


  General Manager Speech  

The Great Wall Company since its founding in 2000 has been adhering to the "for customers reducing costs, making the high quality product" the principle. We have been innovating in the aspect of product structure, product quality and product prices. Especially in the following aspects for saving customer’s cost, obtained the general customer’s recognition.
1.Best-quality and lifetime-warranty. As one of the large scale steel structure enterprises, we are the only famous brand in the Jilin Province. We have passed and implement ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System seriously and ensure the original metal and producing inspect. The products percent of pass reach 98% and the satisfaction of consumer reach 98% in 3 consecutive years. We allow to exchange and return goods free when our colorful steel fade beyond standard under normal using in 3 years. We promise: life long service make you set-it-and-forget-it.

2. low-price and high-quality. Our company produce and market steel 30 thousand tons. We enjoy the heavy buyer policy; we gain the small profit and quick turnover. For building materials we promise: low-prize and high-quality.
3. free-design and economic-plan. Changcheng have designed workshop 1.2 million square meters, produced electric power plant relevant products more than 30 thousand tons. To give customers the most economic plan, Changcheng summarizes many years experience, collaborates with the excellent architecture design institute and designers to design the most economic plan. It can save 10% cost on average.
4. Prchase directly to low the cost. Our sale area covers almost all the steel structure and attachments. We choose the best-quality and lowest prize supplier to reduce the cost spent on the traffic.
5. Have the goods ready while waiting. 23colorful steel assembly lines, 5 piece of C pattern steel assembly line, 2000 tons material, 20 Logistics Company guarantee that our consumer can gain their satisfied goods in the shortest time. We try our best to create a nearly “have the goods ready while waiting”.